Our Mission

We learned that what Elizabeth needed was:
  • access to available clean, safe, legitimate and affordable sober housing;
  • to follow the 12 Steps of programs like AA and NA;
  • being required to practice a 12 Step Program in order to live at a sober house;
  • transportation to and from work, school, counseling,
  • medical appointments, and meetings;
  • suitable clothing for a job or for a job interview;
  • medical insurance;
  • prescription co-pays;
  • healthy food.

She loved getting:
  • membership at a fitness center;
  • manicures, pedicures, and her hair done;
  • a new outfit, often from the second-hand clothing store;
  • money for the holidays;
  • gift cards (Publix, Starbucks, gas)
  • random acts of kindness.

Therefore, a primary objective of our mission is to offer basic necessities to those working to get clean or sober in order to help them stay that way.

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