Our Mission

Addiction is stealing the lives of our children and future grandchildren.
While detox and rehab are the first steps in the recovery process, they are not the whole solution. The solution is staying sober for life.

Helping Addiction Recovery

Maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle is necessary to succeed. This requires resources and support, both financial and emotional. Staying sober for life requires both the will and the means. Our mission helps with the “means” so the addict can focus on the “will.” We know firsthand how truly difficult that can be for someone.

We are determined to help those who have already been through rehab and are in recovery and working to keep their commitment to sobriety for life. They have moved from the relative safety of a treatment facility to living independently in the “real world” where every day can present a new challenge.

We learned the hard way over the years that giving cash to Elizabeth was enabling; but to be there physically and emotionally, to try to provide the essentials she needed during recovery, was truly helping.

We learned that what Elizabeth needed was:

She loved getting:

Therefore, a primary objective of our mission is to offer basic necessities to those working to get clean or sober in order to help them stay that way.

How You Can Help

When you join the mission of the Elizabeth Rose Olsen Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, you help us help to provide:

thomas Helbig-nounproject icon When you donate to the Foundation, we will match your donation dollar-for-dollar in order to bring Elizabeth’s light to as many as possible.

We are approved as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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